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TxDot No.


Packing Supplies


Available Supplies Size of Supply
(Length x Width x Height, etc.)
Small Box

16" x 12" x 12"

$ 1.75
Medium Box 18" x 18" x 16" $ 2.25
Large Box 18" x 18" x 24" $ 3.00
Extra Large Box 24" x 18" x 24" $ 3.75
Wardrobe Box w/ Bar 24" x 21" x 48" $ 11.00
Clear Packing Tape 2" x 165 Ft $ 2.00
Plain Wrapping Paper 10 Pounds $ 10.00



Small Box

Perfect for Books, Records, CDs and other large dense items.

Medium Box

Designed to hold most anything in the house. Especially good for Clothing, Linens, Kitchen Goods and Children's Games.

Large Box

Perfect for Lightweight Bulky Items, Stereo Speakers, Pots and Pans and Lampshades.

Extra Large Box

Ideal for lightweight, bulky items such as linens, comforters, pillows and towels.

Wardrobe Box

Take those hanging clothes directly from your closet and hang them here. NO MORE WRINKLES!

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